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 Pastor's Page 

Bishop George Christie was born in the district of Peckham, in the parish of Clarendon, Jamaica W.I.  He was baptized in the Shiloh Apostolic Church in 1956 and received the Holy Ghost that same year.

He moved from Frankfield to May Pen and took up fellowship in the Reaboth Apostolic Church, pastored by Bishop L.A Chambers.   After a while he went to Kingston and took up fellowship in the Emanuel Apostolic Church, pastored by Pastor M.E White.  In 1961  Bishop Christie was  ordained as a minister by Bishop Lee of the Apostolic Ark. He was sent to minister all over Jamaica in Portland, St. Mary, St. Thomas, St. Ann, Clarendon, Manchester and St. Andrew.

In 1962 he migrated to England and fellowshiped at the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World Church. During this time he met his wife, Missionary Edna Christie, and started a church in Batersea London until 1971. He later  migrated to the United States. After a few months he went back  to Jamaica and fellowshiped at the Emmanuel Apostolic Church. He was made pastor of White Sand Apostolic Church, where he pastored until 1980.  He then returned to the United States.

 In 1981 under the inspiration of the Holy Ghost, Bishop Christie accompanied by his wife, their two children and three brethren started a church at 389 Utica Avenue in Brooklyn. During this time they fellowship with the First Triumphant Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ, pastored by the late Bishop William Brown and was encouraged to take out their own Incorporation and Church Registration.

As the church grew he had to seek for another place of worship.  With the help of the Lord he purchase a  building at 1118 Clarkson Avenue in Brooklyn and settled there.  The  blessings of the Lord was rich among the  people with  signs and miracles following and many souls were added to the church  After a couple years he had to seek for another place to accommodate the saints.  With the help of the Lord,  he  was able to purchase this  building at 1420 Pitkin Avenue where the Church is now located.  

Bishop Christie is such a  dedicated man of God that his presence is a stabilizing force where ever he may be.  An anointed pastor, teacher, father and counselor who imparts knowledge and understanding in teaching and preaching the word of God.  The Lord has  anointed and used him to point many souls to Christ some of whom are now preachers and teachers.  during his earlier years,  Bishop Christie would travel many miles as an evangelist, preaching the word of God, this calling is still evident today as he continues to travel extensively to different places preaching the word of God, endeavoring to preserve the Apostolic Heritage. He gives  all the praise and honor to the Lord Jesus Christ who has called him to the ministry.

His ministry spans over 45 years.  To God be the glory.



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