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The Testimony of Missionary Irma Benn

I was baptized and filled with the Holy Ghost in 1986.  It was two years after, that I received healing for my eyes.  I was wearing glasses from age 12 and could not do without them.  But after Jesus came into my life a miracle was performed.  I was in bible class one night, the lesson was taken from 1 Samuel which talked about Hannah, who could not have children but with prayer and faith asked God to give her a child, her request was granted, she had a son named Samuel.  The lesson was taught by one of our ministers. After he finished teaching, the Bishop came to us and told us to take off our glasses, put our faith in God and we can receive a miracle. After service was over as I was leaving, I put my hand in my pocket to take the glasses out, and a voice said to me, did you just had a prayer of faith, so I took my hand out.  The following day I went to work without the glasses, to my surprise, I could read a billboard way in the distance. I was very excited. I always carry a small bible in my bag, the print was small but I was able to read it. One week had passed after my healing and I still had the glasses in the drawer. One evening on my way home I heard a voice said to me, if you believe your eyes are healed, you will go home and throw the glasses away.  I couldn't wait to get home.  On the Sunday at church one of our members by the name of Sister Pinnock ask me for my glasses, after telling her about what happened she took her glasses off and never wore than since. Today we are both a living witness of God's healing.  You too can have the same experience if you put your thrust in God.

Praise the Lord Jesus.

One Sunday I came to church and noticed that my church sister, Missionary Benn was not wearing her glasses.  I asked her for her glasses and she gave me her testimony of how God healed her eyes and she don't have to wear glasses any more. That testimony took a hold of me and by faith I took my glasses off.  From that time on I haven't put my glasses back on and I  can see clearly , walking and reading without any glasses. Thank God for healing my eyes.

All you have to do is have faith and believe in the power of God.

                                                                             Missionary P. Pinnock

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